Libiron – 30 Capsules


Key Features

  • Unisex (Both male and Female can use
  • Increases both male and Female Libido
  • Treats Quick ejaculation
  • Treats Oligospermia (Low sperm count)
  • Treats Azospermia (Absence of sperm cells)
  • Treats Weak erection
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LIBIRON CAPSULE is a potential organic medicine against infertility. It has a mild action that does not lead to addiction. It stimulates sexual glands of both male and female to increase sex hormones production and extends the function and capabilities of genitalia during sex. Libiron heightens female sensitivity during sex, stimulating their moods, increasing frequency and intensity of orgasm B. It is also used in the cases of atomic importance and sexual performance and infertility in both sexes. It prolongs and extremely maintains erection and thus energizes sexual performance during intercourse.  Libiron treats low sperm count, absence of sperm cells and weak erection. It regularizes menstrual circle and stimulates ovary functions. Those without these health problems can use it also as a super tonic to spice up their love life.





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